Static Website Development

Providing a static website development is by no means an easy task. It takes a lot of work to collect authentic, verifiable information from numerous sources such as books, websites, journals and periodicals. Even more challenging is to pile this information in a simple and easy to read format. Like our name, we at Craftedium know how to develop a world class static website design. We do them better, and we do them differently. Here is how we do it:

Static Website Development

Unlike how many users think, developing a static website requires a lot of care to provide a static web page design for your site. You have loads of information to show and your reader wants to read it in an easy to read format. Our static website templates and designs can be a great way to convert your readers into customers.

Our Static Website Designs Are Easy To Read

While visiting the internet, you’ll find sites that are stuffed with loads of information in an unpresentable manner. In other words, these sites suffer from an information overload syndrome. With team Craftedium’s experienced developers and designers, your static website will never go overload. We ensure that visitor is not overwhelmed while reading or he’ll leave without retaining any info he read on the site.

One Step At A Time

Instead of writing chunk after chunk of paragraphs, information should have enough space and images between them to attract reader’s attention. Adding images will not force your reader to scroll away from the website. Our static website services provide information in step by step format so that they don’t face difficulty while reading. To make it easily readable, we separate data through sections, lines, borders, and grids. Our designed websites establish a definite hierarchy by adding excerpts and call to actions.

Looking for a static website development services for your planned information based website? Craftedium is your one-stop solution for developing a high quality, reader-oriented static and eCommerce development services provider.