Red Alarm For All Who Don’t Own An SSL Certificate!

“Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as NOT SECURE.”

Said, Emily Schechter, Chrome Security, Product Manager.

Did you just say that you don’t own an SSL certificate?

Oh please, we are not cracking jokes here!

You honestly don’t have an SSL Certificate?

God, you are in big trouble now! We don’t want Google to penalize you for this, but we feel sorry for you because Google will penalize your website this year! Oh, please don’t take it into the meanings of website ranking only. There is so much more you need to explore!

SSL Certificate

There is no second thought in that online security is essential. Even if we see from Mr. Google’s point of view, the safety of users is highly crucial. Google doesn’t leave any stone unturned in making its users feel secure in the internet cosmos.

You have an excellent website, bravo! Mark our words, if it is unencrypted Google won’t let you stay in the game for a more extended period.

Call it Google’s another stance on making the internet world safer for users. It is highly unlikely that you will save your unencrypted website from Google’s eye.

What if Google gives you a red signal?

Not having an SSL certificate means YOUR WEBSITE IS ON ITS DEATH BED. If Google marks it as unsafe, the situation will get out of your hands then. When a visitor opens your website, Google will show that your website is unsecure for the visitors. Unfortunately, this message will appear right in the URL of your website.

Website not secure

We know that many of you still deny the fact that they need to own an SSL certificate. No worries, your statement will get changed after reading the entire blog.

Problems with HTTP

Your connection is not secure with HTTP at all. Data that is being sent from and to any server can be read if the website is not encrypted. It does nothing other than bringing an uninvited typhoon of troubles.

A website that doesn’t contain an SSL certificate can’t provide the optimum level of security to the users since the data can be read by the third parties.

HTTPS, you are a lifesaver!

Kudos to the HTTPS! It solves all of your privacy problems. The communication exchange is always encrypted which means that those people who are involved in the communication can decode the data which is being transmitted.

Hold on! We forget to ask you an important thing…

Does your website have any field of text input, like contact forms, login panels, registration forms? If your answer is “Yes” then it is a must to have an SSL certificate. In the coming days, it will become necessary for a website to have an SSL certificate if there is any field of text input.

Are you one of those who has a little know-how of the SSL certificate? Don’t worry; we will enlighten you.

Call an SSL certificate your security check post! SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers and is responsible for instituting the encoded link amid the browser and a web server. The connection that gets established ensures that the data which is being sent from browser to the web server is encrypted so that the third parties don’t get a sneak-peak of the communication exchange.

If you don’t own an SSL certificate, the secure connection fails to get established and the third parties can poke their nose in between the data exchange.

Don’t you know what an SSL certificate contains? It contains serial number & the expiration date, the certificate holder’s name. Moreover, it includes the signature of the authority who is issuing you the certificate.

Still not convinced that an SSL certificate is a must have? Let’s tell you some reasons that will make you change your mind.

Protects the sensitive information

Look around! Somebody is watching you. Got scared? If yes, then you have to get afraid of for your online communication exchange as well. Not owning an SSL certificate means, you are inviting lots of guests to steal the information.

Your website is not safe because the information that a visitor is giving you is not seeing by your server only, third parties are seeing it too. You think that they can’t harm you right? Well, the burglars can steal the credit card numbers, which are highly sensitive. Moreover, burglars can get all the information which a user is providing you with, including the usernames and passwords.

Your business may turn into ash just because of not providing the optimum level of security to users.

Trust us; burglars are way too clever!

So, be on the safest side and get an SSL certificate for your website. Mark our words, you will take a sigh of relief after getting one.

Burglars can capture the data

For the smooth transference of data, it is necessary to get an SSL certificate. If you don’t get an SSL certificate, thieves can steal all the data being shared on your website.

Burglars identify the loopholes in your network within microseconds. Don’t give them a chance to destroy your reputation.

Get an armor of SSL certificate for your website and save your reputation from the possible threats that are ready to hit you in the worst way.

SSL certificate creates trust & strengthens the Brand power

We are not the lawyers of SSL certificate, neither are we defending it in any way. But you decide it for yourself, if you visit a website that contains an SSL certificate, now you put in the information and you see the lock icon in the address bar, how would you feel? You will get the assurance that your information is safe with that very website, right? This is precisely what your customers feel too.

When you install an SSL certificate, the customers get to see the green address bar with the lock icon which ensures that their information has safe travel.

SSL certified websites

Wait! Somebody told you that you don’t need to install an SSL certificate because you are not dealing with some product or service, right? It’s time to debunk the worst myth ever!

Prevailing myth

No matter if you are not offering a service or selling your product, you still need to have an SSL certificate. Gone are those days when people used to say that when a black cat crosses your path, something terrible happens. Now, things have revolutionized! Instead of believing such myths, do some research and find out how authentic the information is.

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Turn the deaf ears to the prevailing myth of “You don’t need to own an SSL certificate since you are not in the e-commerce business.”

According to Mr. Google, soon it will start warning people with a message that your website is not secure. What will happen in this case? Your visitors will move to your competitors. Due to the security warning, they won’t trust you and that time you’ll be helpless because some mistakes can’t be fixed.

Breathe, human, breathe! We’ve got you covered! Call us your companions who will never leave you in the middle of nowhere. Get in touch with us to get an SSL certificate for your website.

Summing up

“Better safe than sorry.”

We told you that we are not the advocates of an SSL certificate. We just enlightened you and helped you in seeing the big picture.

We have thrown the ball in your court; it’s upto you whether you want to give your best shot or you want to regret later on. Again saying that we all regret when the time passes because some mistakes can’t be fixed. So don’t overthink and secure your website today with an SSL certificate.