Here’s The Most Powerful Technical SEO Checklist For 2018!

Chewing the same gum, again and again, doesn’t make sense. Your previous SEO practices of enhancing page rank are not going to work for you in 2018.

Time to tweak your strategies and SEO practices in 2018! Let’s be your partner in showing the way to success. After doing a thorough analysis, we have jotted down the best On-page and pre launch SEO practices and Off-page strategies. Follow the strategies to leave your competitor in the queue of dead brands.

The Winning On-page SEO Checklist For 2018

Here are some winning strategies and the on page SEO checklist for 2018 that will help you in getting a bright spot on search engines.

  1. Distinctive domain name

Go for a simple yet unique domain name. Make sure that the chosen domain name is easy to pronounce and easy to remember. Going for an exact match domain (EMD) will get you in trouble as it leads to the lane of the spammy website. Choosing a partial match domain (PMD) is the safest approach and provide you additional SEO benefit.

  1. Fulfill search engines craving for fresh content

Fresh content & fresh content! Yes, this is exactly what Google and other search engines crave for. Play smartly and update the content quite frequently. Adding fresh content contributes to the improved rankings. Just like search engines are habitual of finding points to decrease your ranking, you make a habit of updating content on a frequent basis. Never give search engines a single chance to lower your ranking.

  1. Voice search optimization

Google assistant and Siri are in the game now! Your website has to be well optimized for voice search. Some people prefer searching for a particular thing by voice rather than typing in the search bar of search engines. Therefore, SEO voice search optimization is quite necessary to take care of.

  1. Perks of country TLD extension

To get a good rank in any particular country, always go for a domain that is famous in your country, like .in, .ca, etc. But relying upon it will decrease your site’s chance of ranking globally.

  1. Recommended to use focus keyword in the Title tag

Title tag makes a significant difference. The given title tag helps Google in indexing the webpage. Your chosen title assists search engines in understanding what your page is all about. It is highly recommended to use your focus keyword in the title tag.

  1. Don’t forget to use keywords in meta descriptions

Your Meta description should contain your focus keyword. Do not make a mistake of copying the few lines of your content and pasting it in the Meta description. Make a catchy Meta description since it is a call-to-action to your website.

  1. Use the keyword at the beginning of the Title tag

As per Moz data, those webpages that contain a keyword in the title works better for you. Make sure that you insert the keyword at the beginning of Title tag rather than adding it at the end.

  1. No tolerance policy for “Duplicate ”

The worst mistake which you can do is of putting in the same content for different web pages or duplicate content on different domains. Having duplicated content hurts your ranking on search engines. Read the Duplicate content in the Google support section; you will get a better idea of why you should avoid using duplicate content.

  1. Try using the h1 tag

The H1 tag doesn’t have any direct impact, but yes it helps in improving your rank on search engines. H1 tag plays its part in enhancing the user experience which eventually leads your website to the improved search engine ranking.

  1. Don’t disown the keyword density

Though search engines are getting smarter with every passing second but still search engines didn’t exclude the approach of keyword density percentage. You have to be smarter while using the keywords, try to incorporate them naturally so that search engines don’t penalize you for the keyword stuffing.

  1. You can call LSI “the next big thing”

Ever heard of long tail keywords? Well, long tail keywords can help you in increasing the traffic to your website. You can use an online tool to find the LSI keywords. A tool that can be of much help is LSI graph.”

  1. Internal linking is necessary

In the language of a layman, internal linking stands for linking one page to another one. If you see it on a broader perspective, it helps in preparing a proper information hierarchy. Relevancy of pages matter to Google, just do the perfect internal linking so that you achieve a good rank on search engines.

  1. Make SEO-friendly URL

Long URLs are not going to work for you at all. Do not hurt your search engine visibility by setting long URLs. Keep one thing into count; the URL structure helps you in getting a good rank so don’t go for long URLs. Another thing is the URL path, any page that is near to your website’s homepage is most likely to experience a boost in ranking.

  1. Image optimization is necessary

Include the image optimization in your on page SEO checklist for 2018. Optimizing the Metadata and the size of the image helps you on a significant scale. Have a check on alt text, caption, title and the file name. Make sure that all these things are well optimized so that you reap the SEO benefits.

  1. Focus keyword in the first paragraph

It is advisable to use the main keyword in the first paragraph of your bodycopy. It gives a good signal to search engines. Keyword in the first paragraph of copy helps search engine in decoding what the content is all about.

  1. Proper internal linking

It is easy to interlink a page, but the main thing is that whether you are interlinking a page with your high authority pages or not. Pages that are of much significance should be linked to the high authority pages.

  1. Perfect outbound links can do wonders

According to a research conducted by Moz Bar, linking your website to the high authority website has a positive effect on SEO. Your web page can improve a lot if you link it to the high-authority webpage.

  1. Do not write a shoddy piece of content

“The website are of many important,” How did you feel after reading it? Surely, you must be saying, No sense of Grammar! This is exactly what a reader thinks after reading an awful piece of content. Make sure that your content doesn’t contain any grammatical or spelling errors.

  1. Readability of your content

Using jargons will not excite your readers. For instance, instead of using the complicated words “Variegated” you can use the word “diversified.” Readability matters a lot; you need to make sure that you write the content in simple language so that your reader doesn’t have to check the dictionary again and again. Using the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin you can also increase your readability score!

  1. Proper placement of the content

The primary goal of the search engines is to provide the valuable information to the user. Search engines, especially Google, is very sensitive about it. Your website gets penalized if you don’t do the proper placement of your content.

  1.  Use Killer titles

According to the famous bloggers, most people read the title and make assumptions according to it. No matter how valuable information you have provided in the bodycopy, if it doesn’t possess a catchy title, then the content has no worth. Now, you can imagine how important it is to have a killer title that grabs the attention.

  1. Bullet points work in your favor

People browse the web mostly on the smartphones. In this era, mortal use their smartphones more than the desktop. Nobody has time to read those long articles on the smartphones neither they are interested in reading long paragraphs. It is recommended that you take the help of bullet points or numbers and break your content. Give proper pauses in between because it builds your credibility.

  1. Increase the number of blog post

Since Google ask for fresh content quite often, you have to keep updating your blog so that visitors get attracted to your blog. Studies have shown that those bloggers who publish 1-3 blog posts per month, fail to grab the attention of users. Those bloggers who post 15 or more blog posts per month capture the attention.

  1. Video content is quite helpful

Some people are not fond of reading. It is better to hitch their attention with the help of videos. It is not bad to call YouTube, the 2nd most famous search engines. No matter if they don’t want to read your blog, they can’t afford to miss your video content. If you want to make a good video content, then read a great blog written by Jodi Harris.

  1. Don’t forget to include “Contact us” page

Search engines prefer websites with the perfect contact details. People make a massive mistake of eliminating the contact us page. Well, getting a good rank is your ultimate goal so, take care of the minor details and do include “contact us” page.

  1. Location of the server

It is not necessary to choose the server in your country of stay, but still, it is recommended that you go for it. The location of the server may have an impact on your ranking especially when you talk about geo-specific searches.

  1. SSL Certificate is a must!

Google values the information that one shares. It is Google’s objective to make a user feel secure in the cyber world. Security comes first for Google; everything else is secondary. For sure HTTPS is one of the ranking signals. It is necessary for all websites to have SSL certificate and you need to know the core differences between HTTP Vs HTTPS.

  1. Social media sharing buttons

Suppose a reader visits your blog and like your content. Now, he is willing to share it on his Facebook account. How will he do it when there will be no social media sharing buttons, or the buttons are hidden somewhere? The chances are that your visitor will not come again. It is highly recommended to have the visible social media sharing buttons.

Technical SEO checklist for you in 2018

Don’t get afraid of the word “Technical SEO.” Just like the regular SEO, technical SEO is done to increase the website ranking. Surely, technical SEO helps your content in getting a fine spot on search engines.

Let’s unwrap the technical SEO checklist for 2018

  1. Submit your sitemap to search engines

The perks of having a sitemap are more than one can think. If you want to get better visibility, do submit your sitemap to search engines. It is not right to rely only on external links. Make your game strong and submit the sitemap. Those days are not quite far when different search engines will make it a priority to provide the sitemap.

  1. Make a robot.txt file

It is beneficial for you to create a robot.txt file as per the guidelines, shared by search engines’. You can search for the Google’s instruction for creating a robot.txt file.

  1. Properly set the priority tags

There must be some pages on your website which are essential for you. The search engine will give you priority if you take the help of sitemap priority tags. If you are not aware of the sitemap priority tags, you can go to the to know more about it.

  1. Keep checking the indexing

Make sure that all of the web pages are indexed. Many time it happens that your pages get removed from the Google’s index.

  1. Have a check on crawlability

Do you know that unsupported scripts & the site structure affects your crawlability? If not then it’s the time to realize it. It is beneficial for you to have a check on crawlability.

  1. Page speed

It is not something new to you that people use their smartphones mostly. To browse different websites, they give preference to the mobile rather than using the desktop. Your website should be mobile-friendly, it should load faster so that you don’t lose your visitor.

  1. Canonical links

Suppose you have several webpages that contain same content or you have a website page that is accessible on different URLs, Google counts it as duplicated content. Now, Google will do one thing, it will select its preferred URL and will index it. The chosen URL is the canonical link for Google.

It is better to tell Google about the canonical URL else it will choose the URL itself. You can take the help of “Yoast guideline” to enlighten yourself about it.

  1. Proper redirection is important

Suppose your website is quite worthy, it has plenty of traffic and is registered in the good books of Google, but you are willing to change the domain address then you can take the help of URL redirection. When a visitor goes to your old domain, he will be redirected to the new URL.

  1.  Always use structured data

Here, you have to help Google in understanding the content of a specific page. Structured data helps Google in understanding the type of content you are inserting. For instance, if your blog is related to how to make a pencil case, you will structure your post something like this

  • Material needed
  • Precautions
  • Steps of making it

The format mentioned above will help Google in understanding the structure of your content.

  1. A big NO to use Flash on website

Not all search engines are capable of indexing Flash. Even, those search engines that can crawl it don’t do it without an error. It is better for you to avoid flash.

  1. Improve your website rank via accelerated pages

No matter how much Google deny the fact that accelerated mobile pages are not one of the criteria to get a good rank, big names in the digital cosmos don’t agree with this statement. AMP has a direct relationship with page speed. Since page speed is important for Google, therefore you can’t ignore AMP.

  1. Save your website from de-indexing

Websites that have less downtime stands out from the rest in Google’s eye. Increased downtime has a negative impact on your ranking. If your website has this issue, just minimize it else Google will de-index your website.

  1. Geo-targeting brings positive results

For instance, you are running a business and you seek to promote it in any specific country. Geo-targeting is the best option you have in the bucket. Needless to say, Google surely gives more preference to those websites that have set a country-specific name or possess a local server IP.

  1. Wipe out all the technical errors

It is necessary for a website to be completely free from all the technical errors. You have no clue, what severe damage the technical errors can cause to your website. Make sure that you don’t leave even a single error.

Off-page SEO checklist for 2018

If correctly done, off-page SEO can enhance the visibility of your website on different search engines. Well, those who are not aware of the term “Off-page SEO,” in layman terms it is a way of improving the website’s visibility.

People have a misconception that offsite SEO is all about the link building which is not true at all. You see a shallow part; there is more to off-page SEO if you go deeper.

We have jotted down some significant points for you; your off-page SEO checklist 2018 is empty without it.

  1. Your font size matters

Your font size is significant. Don’t keep it too small. Did you read the first line quickly? If not then it’s time to check the font size of your website. Having a small font can get you into trouble. People access web mostly from their smartphones. Make sure that the font size is 13-14 pixels.

  1. Get quality backlinks from old domains

It is of no surprise that the backlinks which you get from the old domains worth more than what you get from the new domains. It is recommended to get backlinks from the aged domains.

  1. Get backlinks from root domains

As per the Moz bar research “The number of linking root domains correlates well with rankings.” If you wish to increase the visibility of your website on search engines, make sure that you acquire quality backlinks from several root domains.

  1. Worth of .edu & .gov links

SEO gurus say that Google considers .edu & .gov links as of high-authority. The mentioned two links occupy a distinctive position in the good books of Google.

  1. Acquiring links from high authority websites

High authority websites have a good DA and PA. Pointless to mention that links generated from the high authority websites help you in getting a good rank on Google. Try to get links from the high authority websites and improve the visibility game.

  1. Disown the bad links

Here you have to become your critic. Carefully do the audit of all the generated backlinks. Take help of the Google’s guideline and analyze all the links. Those links that are of no use, merely disown them.

  1. Analyze the backlink profile of rival

Outshine your competitor by analyzing its backlink profile. See, how strong or weak it is. Take advantage and hit the nail at the right time. After auditing, come up with your backlink strategy.

  1. Don’t generate links from spammy websites

Getting bad links from those websites that are registered in the bad books of Google will harm your website’s authority. Save your website from falling into the phishy website tank of Google. Do you want to lower your ranking? If not then don’t make a mistake of getting backlinks from suspicious websites.

  1. Your backlink profile has to be strong

Google is a detective in another word. It catches you when you try to trick it. Generating plenty of links from a single source will lead you to Google’s book of phishing websites. Save your website from getting penalized, generate backlinks from various sources not just with one.

  1. Meaningful proper backlink anchor

Do not follow the queue of monotonous by having unclear backlinks. A correctly anchored text helps a reader a lot in understanding what the link is about. Unclear anchors damage the worth of your website.

  1. Internal link anchor has a weight

According to Brian Dean, adequately done internal linking is yet another ranking signal. You try harder to generate backlinks from various sources but often ignore the importance of proper internal linking. Interlink all the pages accurately.

  1. Remove the poison anchor text

Anchor text is a clickable text and adequately guides user what he is going to read next, right after clicking the link. Anchoring words like free, win the lottery will get you to the dark hole of spam websites. Don’t hurt your website ranking; if you have done it in the past, it’s time to learn from your mistake and never do it again.

  1. Let’s exchange link approach

Danger zone! Don’t do the excessive cross-linking in 2018!

The approach of exchanging links will take you nowhere in 2018. Read the Google’s guide and explore its policy related to excessive link exchanges.

  1. Acquire backlinks from the long content

Roam around and ask the SEO gurus “Tell me about the winning link building strategy,” surely, the answer will be “Earn backlinks.” Various studies have shown that editorial content is the winning method of earning quality backlinks.

  1. Getting backlinks from awfully written content

Content that is full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is of no use for you. Content that is full of mistakes has a negative impact on your website rank. Don’t generate backlinks from those websites that contain poorly written content.

  1. Re-build all broken links

Don’t give a sign to Google that you don’t care for your website. When Google finds a broken link, it gives Google a signal that you are least interested in that website. If you have any broken link rebuild it quickly. Furthermore, keep checking your backlink profile and reconstruct the broken links, if any.

  1. Encourage users to write reviews for you

Positive reviews are directly proportional to the website’s authority. Having good reviews on the high-authority sites increases your worth. It is necessary for you to encourage users to write positive reviews for your website.

  1. Link earning should be the primary goal

Mostly, newbies focus on link building the most rather than focusing on acquiring links. Create a right shift and concentrate on earning links, not on link building only.

  1. Relevancy of backlinks

Many people make a common mistake; they get backlinks from the websites that are dissimilar to the niche they deal in. Irrelevant content hurts your search engine ranking. Get backlinks from the website that resonates well with the niche you are working in.

  1. Actively participate in discussions

Undeniably, there are thousands of discussion forums and blogs. Become a part of a debate, give your valuable input. It will not increase your PR only, but you will also generate the countless referral traffic. But please do leave a good comment else Google will penalize you by noting your name in the list of spam practices.

  1. Infographics are of help

To strengthen your off-page SEO game, go for well-constructed infographics. It is the quickest way of earning backlinks.

  1. Boost your reach with social media ads

Organic promotion is no longer in the game. Once in a blue moon, you see a business that blooms solely on organic promotion. Don’t rely on organic promotion, go for paid social media promotion.

  1. Take help of PPC Campaigns

It is essential to come up with innovative strategies to boost the visibility of content. Running a PPC campaign is quite helpful as it provides your content the needed boost.

  1. Keyword planner let you tap-in

Google keyword planner doesn’t need any introduction. It helps you in finding the untapped opportunities. Strengthen the keyword research game, after that incorporate the keywords and write a flawless content that wins the heart.

  1. Outreach strategy makes a significant difference

Little you are aware; your off-page content looks upto the influencers. When a content is shared by influencers or your audience, it increases the worth of your website. Willing to achieve a good reach? Construct a perfect outreach strategy.

  1. Guest posting

Ever considered, writing guest posts for high-authority websites? Certainly, guest posting deserves to be in your off-page SEO checklist. But don’t do what is prohibited. Using keyword, rich anchor text is strongly discouraged by Google so don’t do it.

  1. Stay pretty active on Quora

Imagine your presence in the community of 190 million visitors! Quora is a golden-snitch for your website. Stay active on Quora, get to know what your audience want to hear from you and generate massive referral traffic.

2018 SEO Checklist for UI/UX

Are you planning to clutter a web page with keywords? Rethink now! Gone are those days when you used to rank pages by doing keyword stuffing. It is not a piece of cake to get a good rank on search engines.

You have to follow the UI/UX checklist if you are willing to succeed.

  1. Responsive web design turns odds into favor

You never get a revelation that your user is browsing the web on a smartphone or a desktop. It is advisable to use a responsive web design so that you get the multiple benefits.

  1. Colors do make a difference

The font color of the website should gel well with your chosen theme. Choosing a dark color theme and having a dark color font doesn’t seem to go well. Make things in contrast.

  1. Give whitespace between paragraphs and headings

Your website looks appealing when there is whitespace between paragraphs and headings. Focus on making things easier for a reader, don’t clutter your website with congested text.

  1.  Visible touch elements

If the touch elements are of small size, the chances are that your user will mistakenly click on the wrong one. Introduce large size buttons and make the navigation easier for the user.

  1. Graphic-rich content

Your visitor will stay on your website when he gets to see something apart from the text. Having graphic-rich content on the website keep your users engaged for a more extended period. Another perk is, your bounce rate will decrease.

  1. Don’t use interstitials

“Pages that show intrusive interstitials provide a poorer experience to users than other pages where content is immediately accessible. This can be problematic on mobile devices where screens are often smaller. To improve the mobile search experience, after January 10, 2017, pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly” said “Google Webmaster.”

Want your website to be in the limelight of mobile searches? Then, avoid interstitials.

  1. Change the color of links

Users always look for ease. If you provide them with what they are looking for, then the ball is in your court. It is better to use a separate color for links so that your user readily identifies, where you have placed the links.

  1. Make short lines

Since people usually browse the web on smartphones, it is recommended to make short lines. Nobody is interested in reading long paragraphs so make sure that your line contains around 65 characters.

We are glad; you made it to here! But wait, you can’t go unless you get the BONUS.

Some BONUS POINTS are waiting for you down here.

  1. Ask Influencer to contribute

Influencers can help you in reaching the peak of success! Seek the help of Influencers & industry experts because they have a good fan following. Once an influencer contributes to your blog, your visibility game will get big.

  1. Google Maps Marketing is an effective key

If you intend to target local customers, don’t forget to do Google map marketing. When a person searches for something using a specific keyword, Google map shows him the contact details of those who are present in his/her area. Outshine the competitors by targeting local customers.

  1. Local SEO is not out of the game yet

Local SEO still matters so; you can’t ignore it. If you want to reach the prospective customers, local SEO is the best way.

  1. Strengthen your “Near Me” searches

It is better to optimize your website for “near me” searches rather than regretting later. Nowadays people insert a keyword along with “near me” in the search bar. If you want to target the local customers, it is crucial to optimize your website for “near me” searches.

  1. Temporary link building acts as a poison

Don’t do the violation of Google’ rule! Temporary link building does no good to your website so, it is better for you to avoid it. You can check the Google’s Guidelines to enlighten yourself more about it.

  1. Google Webmaster Messages shouldn’t be ignored

Many times, Google Webmaster send you various messages of things that are not going in favor of your website. Well, most people ignore it and continue the trail. Onwards, pay attention to the Google Webmaster messages.

  1. Avoid having ads above the fold

According to the Google’s page layout algorithm, your website gets penalized for having ads above the fold. Play safe and avoid doing what is prohibited by Google.

  1. Don’t hide your Affiliate Links

When Brian Dean is saying that then, it must be authentic. Read what Brian Dean has shared “Google’s algorithm may pay closer attention to other quality signals to make sure you’re not a thin affiliate site.” Hence proved, your affiliate links are not hidden from Google. Don’t try to be clever with Google as Mr. Google is going to catch you in the act.

  1. Enhance your PR on News Websites

Whether one wants to read news related to currents affairs or want to go through the entertainment section, a mortal prefers reading news on the internet. Build your PR by mentioning your website on different news sites.

  1. You have to have an official Linkedin page

Presence on Linkedin is necessary for your business. It is 2018, having no formal page on Linkedin will do no good to you. Make an official page on Linkedin.

  1. Importance of user-generated content

User-generated content occupies a distinctive place in the good books of Google. It not only helps in the SEO but helps you in making perfect content marketing strategy.

  1. Excessive 301 redirects is harmful

You surely don’t want to decrease your pang rank, do you? Excessive 301 redirections should be avoided as it harms your ranking.

  1. Don’t ignore Google Analytics

You can’t deny the importance of Google analytics. Analytics gives you better insights on what you can do better to give a boost to your SEO campaigns. Take help of the Google Analytics to make winning SEO campaigns that yield perfect results.

  1. Your blog needs a human editor

Online tools and plugins help you, but you can’t rely on them solely. Many times these online tools fail to spot the mistakes. If you want error-free content, take help of a human editor.

  1. Content promotion

You have written a powerful piece of content now, how would you market it? Promotion comes second in the lane. To get maximum results make a perfect content promotion strategy.

  1. Skyscraper technique works best

Willing to uplift the bar of content? Try the most effective technique Skyscraper Technique Keep three things in your mind.

  • Search for popular
  • Come up with a better version of that.
  • Do the proper content promotion.
  1. Influencer marketing

Influencers always have a massive number of followers. Imagine, if an influencer shares your content what effect it will have on your visibility. Since people rely on influencers, they count on what influencers share. Surely, if an influencer shares your content, it is going to increase the worth of your website.

Final verdict

Tips that are mentioned above are insanely powerful if you aim to take your website or blog to the next level. This SEO checklist for 2018 is quite beneficial for you if you follow it. But yes, don’t stress yourself out if you miss a few points. Try to incorporate maximum points of these technical SEO practices to get jaw-dropping results. Otherwise, let our SEO professional do the rest by offering our outclass search engine optimization services at an affordable rate! 🙂