How To Write A Blog Post? (People Really Want To Read)

Writing is usually considered to be a simple skill that anyone can do effortlessly. It is particularly widely believed for writing blog posts. People think that blog writing is all about putting down a few words on any topic in an informal way, include some competitive keywords, and get it published online. But, when they fail to gain traffic on their post, then they realize how challenging and technical it actually is. Had it been that easier, then every other person would have become a blogger, abandoning all other tasks or jobs. Writing, especially blog writing, is an entirely different niche that has its own formats and content requirements. You literally have to learn how to write a blog post that attracts more readerships before you start a blog.

How to Write a blog post

How Do You Start A Blog? Things You Should Care About!

Writing is always meant to attract readers. Whether it is about writing web content, a press release, a general how-to guide, or a dedicated blog post, your aim remains to gain traffic on what you write and publish. To achieve this goal, you have to keep two targets in your mind – the SEO, and the traffic (readership). These two factors are the actual driving force behind the content available on the internet, to let it become popular or entirely go in vain. Optimizing your blog post is really not sufficient unless you put such content that is being demanded by the readers. No matter how well your blog’s SEO is, you will end up with a few tens of readers if the content isn’t attractive. If people get distracted from your blog, your SEO efforts will also be ruined. Hence, your blog should be written in a way to enchant your visitors.

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How To Write A Blog Post People Really Want To Read?

As I said earlier, your blog is actually meant to drive more readers, and hence, more traffic towards itself. Therefore, your priority should be to create a blog that captivates anyone who comes across it. Try applying every trick to charm your visitors and keep them stay longer on your post. Here are some quick tips to tell you how to write a blog post that gains more readerships.

  1. Pick Out A Great Idea To Write On

The first thing you should care about while writing a blog post is the topic. People are not attracted to anything that is readily available on the internet. One of the most common blogging mistakes which most bloggers do is to write on similar topics that are already picked up by others. They think that covering such themes that appear on top SERPs will also make their blog post famous. This could be true in some instances where the topic is contemporary, and people are looking for more and more information; yet, in most cases, the blog posts published later fail to grab more readers. Therefore, the best way to find an attractive idea to write on is to decipher what problems your readers would be facing. Try addressing them by giving solutions through your blog posts.

Likewise, you may try figuring out the favorite topics with a broader scope, and pick out a specific niche to make unique content. For instance, you will find several articles on ‘how to write a blog post’, but, what we are trying to cover in this article is about writing a post that attracts more readers. Our focus will remain more on mentioning about the ways to gather readership, without emphasizing much on the optimization or marketing tactics.

  1. Craft A Captivating Headline

Although, the real strength of your blog post lies in the content you write, writing an appealing headline or title is equally important. The headline of your post is the first thing that can attract or distract a visitor. Hence, the more you make it impressive, greater will be the chances of your post to be read.

Using your creative skills, you can write a truly engaging headline that will compel the visitors to click and read your blog post. By this, we are not asking you to write poetic titles with peculiar vocabulary. In fact, making the titles complex will confuse your readers. Moreover, your readers are too busy to work out on deciphering the meaning of a title. Hence, they would prefer to ignore the posts with such titles and headlines that are not understandable in one go.

What we emphasize over here is that a simple title or headline can also grab readers’ attention right away. You just have to write a headline that is long enough to reveal about the content of the post, yet remains incomplete leaving a thirst for the reader to know more.

  1. Create A Powerful And Catchy Introduction

After the title, the introductory section of your blog post is what plays a significant role in capturing your reader’s attention. As soon as a reader lands on your post, this is the first section which the visitor tends to read. Otherwise, the rest of the contents are just skimmed. The more you make this ‘lede’ interesting, greater will be the chances that your reader will read your entire blog post. If the first few sentences aren’t appealing, the reader is likely to revert from your blog without scrolling down. Therefore, write and rewrite the introductory paragraph unless you become sure that it will suffice to entice an incoming reader.

  1. Write In A Personalized Way

Today, people are no more interested in computer-generated ideas. Instead, they love it when a human addresses them. The internet world is thus driven by the content that is written in a personalized manner. To make your blog post attractive for the readers, try writing it in a more human and personal way as if you are directly talking to your readers via your blog. You can try including your catchphrases in, begin your post by telling a story, or give examples that second your opinion and add clarity to the post content.

  1. Make The Content More Readable

As I explained earlier, your reader tends to be busy enough to read your post thoroughly. A common reader’s behavior is to skim the content and deduce if there lies anything enjoyable to read. In case the post appears loaded with material carrying jumbled up words, the reader will probably back off from your blog. This is why you need to focus on improving the readability of your post.

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Making your content readable isn’t tricky at all. You just have to think from a reader’s perspective – what would you look for after you reach a post? How would you scan it? Which elements will grab your attention? If you are able to answer these questions, try applying them in your own blog post too.

If you are willing to know how to write a blog post with increased readability, then let us tell you a few common ways to it.

  • Divide the content into subheadings. It will help the readers quickly find out about the topics covered in your blog post.
  • Use numbering and bulleting. Writing essential points as long paragraphs actually becomes boring. Consider including numbers, steps, and bullet points to make the content scannable.
  • Include white spaces between the paragraphs to make it comfortable to the spectator’s eye.
  1. Add Catchy Visual Content According To Your Topic

It is a human instinct to get attracted to colors and visually attractive things. The same applies to blogs too. People tend to get bored with a ‘text-only’ sort of writing. Moreover, those who just believe in their skimming skills tend to bounce back from such posts where they are unable to decipher at a glance what it is all about. Adding some relevant images, gifs, videos, or infographics increase visual attraction in your blog post. Such media accelerates the conveyance of your message to the readers. Acknowledging this typical behavior of all visitors, the search engines now index those blogs and links on top positions which are optimally adorned with supportive content. Hence, adding visual content will not only increase the traffic on your blog post but will also boost its ranking on SERPs.

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Nevertheless, don’t neglect the quality of images and videos you are adding in your post. A write-up full of low quality, blurred, and hazy photos or videos will not attract your readers either. So, make sure that whichever visual content you include in your post is of high quality.

  1. Avoid Wordiness

The ideal length of a blog post, as required by the search engines today, ranges between 1500 and 2500 words. Therefore, most bloggers try to write lengthy write-ups to satisfy this requirement. Nevertheless, while doing so, they tend to go wordy, which ruins the essence of the topic. Remember, your target while writing a blog post is a human reader, not the search engine. Therefore, you should first take care of what your reader wants to see in a post.

To write an excellent blog post, make sure that you maintain brevity in the content. By saying this, we are not advising you to wrap up the post at around 500 words. Rather, what we mean here is that you should keep things precise to maintain the crisp in your writing. If you want to go above 1500 words, it’s good. Yet, you should opt to include more information in your article to enchant your readers, instead of repeating things over and over.

  1. Proofread Your Post– People Dislike Erroneous Content

An error-free content is what everyone wants, whether it is an academic write-up, web content, news article or a blog post. Regardless of how adept you are in your niche, your writing depicts your actual proficiency at language as well as on the topic. If a reader observes recurrent spelling mistakes, typographical errors, or grammar issues, he is likely to revert from your blog deciding never to revisit you. Your reader won’t remember the information you had tried to provide in your write-up. Instead, all he will recall is that you are not good at writing, or are negligent to proofreading your article.

Therefore, once you are done with your blog post, re-read it at least once or twice to ensure there remain no such errors that ruin your post. It is good if you ask someone else to proofread your work so as to alleviate any chances of omission of mistakes.

  1. Do Not Dump Your Readers With A Lot Of Information

Sometimes, putting in a lot of information in a post also becomes a distracting factor for the readers, since they find it difficult to scan the post for their desired information. Most of your readers look for some quick information that can give them the basic knowledge about any topic. If they need to know more, they will perform a separate research for it. So why make your post boring by mentioning every relevant and irrelevant detail? Secondly, why would your reader return to your blog if you already have answered everything?

It’s good that you justify writing on a topic and provide all necessary information, but, try to keep a few things with you letting your readers wanting more. Their curiosity to know ‘what’s next’ will urge them to come back to your blog. Therefore, maintaining an element of thirst in your blog post will sustain your readership.

  1. Don’t Forget About SEO Of Your Blog Post

Now that you have completed a wonderful piece of writing, how would you make it available to your readers? Your post will remain hidden unless you get it optimized to rank higher in search engine results. Hence, the last thing you should do to gain more readers is applying SEO efforts.

As a writer/blogger, you should try implementing the following in your posts to support the optimization activities.

  • Make sure to use competitive keywords in the heading, the first paragraph, and in the rest of the sections
  • Take care of including appropriate backlinks, both inbound and outbound.
  • Use keyword-containing alt attributes in the images of your post.
  • Work on link acquisition from top-rated blogs to acquire traffic and authority from them.

To Wrap It Up

Blog posts can prove to be an excellent source of income, as well as will make you famous among your readers, only if you know how to write a blog post that your visitors desire to read. By playing smartly, you can certainly win over this game of blogging from your rivals without many efforts. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the latest blogging trends, and the favorite things among the visitors. Leveraging all the latest trends and contemporary topics as an opportunity to write a blog post, you can popularize your blog, making it the one most wanted by the readers.

We have attempted to come up with a few quick tips about the basics of how to write a blog post people actually want to read. If you feel the article is worth reading for a startup blogger, then don’t forget to hit the share button. Moreover, it will be great if you could give any more ideas about writing a desirable post.