12 Ways To Execute An Effective Social Media Strategy!

Pondering on an effective social media strategy? I can feel the struggle and pain behind those interminable hours, while the sweat trickles down your forehead and you try to fork out how to cross the stepping stones, yes it all sounds familiar!

Even before you sit to plan out how to develop and implement a social media marketing strategy, you need to sort out what it exactly is. An effective social media strategy is the backbone of your business. Therefore it is important to give it a proper thought and take the time for designing a potent social media strategy.

What Is An Effective Social Media Strategy?

A social media marketing plan or strategy is the pith and core of your business plans and goals that you aspire to achieve with the help of social media networks. The plan is crafted in a manner where you have to keep a record of your existing accounts, your desired goal of where you want them to be in the future, and the tools that will be deployed to get there.

Effective Social Media Strategy

The more precise you will be in drawing your goal-setting process, the more easy and effective will be its execution. Don’t drag it, keep it concise and make sure not to make your social media marketing strategy an unattainable one. Your social media marketing plan will not only guide your actions but will also act as a scale to determine how much you have succeeded in reaching the set mark.

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No matter how well drawn your social media plan is on paper, the execution is a far cry from it.  There has to be an implementing process to manage the mechanization. There is a trove of tools and strategies that fill the communication gaps for the community management team. This will facilitate them to stay on the same page, schedule posts, and stay connected with other departments.

Many times, the businesses trip due to employing wrong social media strategies. They come across people crying out to have a social media strategy but are unaware of the wisdom behind it. A correctly drawn social media strategy sparks up businesses of all sizes.

The threads of an effective social media marketing strategy, if strewn together carefully, will easily surface the patterns of other social media efforts.

Manifesting an Extraordinary Social Media Strategy!

1. Learning the Working of Social Media

Before embarking on the journey, it is important to understand its working. You will find a torrent of information on the subject. There is both paid and free content to guide and educate you. It is important first to understand how the social media works before you hold onto its rein. The basic knowledge is the same for all but different businesses have to handle and mold their strategies differently. Therefore a complete knowledge of social media is a prerequisite.

2. Synchronizing Social media goals with Company goals

Aimlessly starting off the designing of a social media strategy will leave you astray and away from your desired results.  The first rung of the ladder denotes the establishment of the goals and objectives that you aim to meet so that you work out rest of the things accordingly. These objectives illuminate the tailoring of your social media marketing campaign and will alert you in case your campaign deviates from the set strategy and is not meeting the expectations.

Your goals gauge success and highlight the social media return on investment. They are strung together with your marketing strategy so that all your efforts are steered towards reaching your business objectives. If both go as planned, you will probably end up getting executive buy-in and investment.

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It is essential to draft your goals keeping in mind your audience and the customers. For example, when you include any point in your strategy, think of it from your audience’s perspective. How will they receive it? Exploit the S.M.A.R.T. framework when setting your goals, i.e.,

= specific

= measurable

= attainable

= relevant

= time-bound

How does social media help in accomplishing company goals?

Social media shrouds the world today, connecting people from all around the world despite the geographical hindrances. In order to expand our social circle to meet our goals, we can build up relationships with influential marketing people who can amplify and circulate your message within both the existing and the new target market. Enlist and partner with influencers and brands to leverage and gather an audience. Write up the content that overflows growth in the new market and sets apart your company as a premier and viable option.

For the companies who do not have any clear company goals in mind to link up with social media goals, they should join it up with marketing goals instead.

Few social media goals that can align with your marketing efforts!

  • Increase your brand awareness with the help of the social platforms by sharing, posting, liking, and commenting.
  • With the help of referral traffic from social media, drive people to your website or posts.
  • Build new leads.
  • With the help of signups, ads, and sales revenue you can grow your sales.
  • Apart from the posts and shares, make sure you comment to show your presence and eagerness to communicate with your customers.
  • Build a community centering your business and reach out to the people.
  • Learn more about your customers with the help of feedback and suggestions. Talk to them about the improvements they wish to see or have a conversation with them to find out more about their likes. This helps in the development of the strategy.

3. A Flexible Plan

A marketing whizz knows that there are constant changes in the marketing world. This demands the plan to be one that can adapt to the constant changes easily without imperiling your business.

social media marketing plan

Courtesy: CoSchedule

4. Being on the Same Page with Your Audience

The cornerstone of an effective social media strategy understands your audience and their purpose of joining in social media. You can calculate this with the help of demographics and psychographics. For your business to survive, you have to interact with the audience, and it is for this reason that you need to know more about them and be understanding to their needs and demands. Real-time conversations are a life saver. Be reachable so that you can extract invaluable and meaningful information.

social media marketing strategy

Understanding demographics and psychographics

Demographics bring out the statistics and descriptions of a group of people, focusing on their age, gender, income, education level, etc. to be used in business. Determining these statistics is aided if you have your own website. You can also contrast and analyze with the help of similar sites.

Psychographics further dig into their lives. Severing out their lifestyle, values, opinions, interests, and attitudes. Psychographics is a linchpin in the success of your social media marketing strategy.

5. Darting Channels

In the beginning, when your excitement level is quite high, you are eager to reach out to every channel out there. However, it is wise to start off with one or two channels. Focus all your energy and time on the key channels before you expand your business. Spreading yourself too thin will be ineffective and will not bear fruits. Once you have mastered the selected channels, you can move to the additional ones and channel all your energy there.

Ferreting out the right social network

You need to figure out the most used networks and hand-pick the ones with the same demographic as that of your channel. It is worth contemplating though that for businesses, it is a bit tricky to keep up with the changing likes of the customers. They might favor a network for few months and then switch to another if there they find the updated content that suits their needs better. Try to follow your customers so that you can trail down the right network.

6. Assigning Tasks Individually or In Groups

Assigning tasks to a specific person or a team follows the drafting of an action plan. An action plan will help in determining the steps to reaching a specific target. Decide on the people and set an expected time for the completion of the task. Make sure you pick out people who are fit for their respective tasks and are able to meet the expected deadlines without prolonging and crossing the due date.

assigning tasks to social media team

7. Planning Out Your Content Strategy

Once you start looking at things from your audience’s perspective, it is time to take another step, i.e., the content building strategy. Turn up a beefy and juicy content that people will delve into to relish. Think beyond the text. Try embedding blog posts, videos, infographics, quotes, tips, and pictures.

social media content strategy

A perfect content pivots on the target audience and the employed channels. It is advisable to share the content produced by others. There is no rule to the posting of non-promotional content, but prior to posting make out a list of relating popular keywords and share content accordingly. You will be amazed to see the interest with which the readers and the customers will turn to you.

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8. Exploiting Your Content

It is necessary to be careful of the amount and the type of content you post. Of course, you don’t want to be labeled as a spammer.

According to statistics:

  • Do not tweet more than 3 times a day.
  • Not to post more than two times on Facebook
  • 20 posts per month on LinkedIn
  • Maximum thrice on Google+
  • 5 times or more on Pinterest
  • Multiple times a day on Instagram, since it doesn’t experience a drop-off in engagement for posting more
  • Blog 6-8 times a month

However, test out what works best for the audience you aim to target. Things vary from business to business. Therefore, you should test out to optimize your strategy.

9. Hashtag Is the New Trend

Hashtags have made it easy to track down activity across multiple social platforms. Tagboard is a handy tool that helps to track or filter Hashtags across all the top-ranking platforms. Hashtags have changed the monotony of never-ending paragraphs for introducing a single thing. Hashtags cut it short and convey the message in a single word or phrase. They are simple, flexible, and businesses have looked for creative ways to add more power to the hashtags and the message behind them!


10. Increase Traffic

Creation of new content is painstaking. Therefore, to minimize the effort without affecting the traffic, you have to post old posts along with the new ones. This will proliferate the traffic. However, to promote the old content, make sure you come up with new descriptions. If you keep on repeating, people will find it irritating or will completely ignore it considering it to be spam.

Website Traffic Increase

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11. Plumbing Success Rate

There are various tools out there that garner statistics for you to analyze your achievements. Buffer and Hootsuite are two such tools. The tools will present you with the record of all your shares, clicks, and all the activity, so you can monitor the content pieces that have driven the maximum traffic to your website. It is important to check your progress with benchmarks so that you know whether your hard work is paying off or not, or how many more miles you need to walk.

But success holds a different meaning for everyone. For some, these figures might not be the vital part of the strategy.

12. Make a Report and Discuss

Make a report of all the statistics and the benchmarks that you have reached. Discuss it with your project manager and the rest of the marketing team in order to make the required improvements. Appreciate the team efforts, and take a step further by setting new objectives and goals.

Final Word

With the world living on the social media networks, it has become the spine of the structure of businesses. You will be invisible to the world without a dynamic presence on the social media platforms. Therefore, you have to devise an effective strategy that not only showcases your business but helps in reaching the long-term goals.

The number of figures you invest does not entirely govern your success rate. The important thing is to present the correct audience with the correct message and increase engagement. The rest will follow!