The 10 Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2018! (Pros & Cons)

Are you looking for a reliable, easy to use best free blogging platform? Do you have any kind of difficulty in finding the best free blogging sites? If yes, then you are at the right place. There are several free blogging platforms. This article is authored to review which is the best free blog website for you in 2018. Through this article, we will let you know the best free blogging platforms in 2018. Online blogging and digital marketing in this era of global networking and social media marketing are increasing with an outstanding exponential growth rate. According to a survey, more than 200 million blogging websites has been generated by the online explosion of marketing.

10 Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2018

Here’s The Ultimate List Of Best Free Blogging Platforms

Online blogging is effective for both large as well as small businesses. It is significantly contributing to increasing sales lead and revenues. Blogging for business turns the small ideas into millions of dollars. The best part of online blogging is that it is free. Dozens of free blogging platforms are providing better and unique opportunities for growth and exposure to almost all kinds of organizations. This article will help you to find 10 best free blogging platforms of 2018 by revealing the pros and cons of each one.

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Squarespace
  • WIX
  • Ghost
  • Weebly
  • TypePad

Now let’s dive into the details of these free blogging platforms of 2018 and get yourself informed about the details of each blog site.


In one sentence is one of the most popular from the list of free blog platforms in online blogging market. WordPress blogging is well known for powering more than 25% of the entire web. It is a great blogging software in the world with open sourcing characteristic. WordPress is the self-hosted solution which is providing free publishing tool and engine friendly content management system. WordPress is suitable for an amateur blogger to large-scale businesses.

free blogging platforms 2018


  • WordPress is facilitating every aspect of the website.
  • WordPress will allow you to add extra features like online store, membership or a forum.
  • Through WordPress, you would be able to create a beautiful and unique website.
  • It is a search engine friendly blogging platform.
  • WordPress is free. You just have to pay the cost of server and domain.


  • You are required to host the server in order to get the most out of WordPress and its features.
  • Customization on WordPress demands a little coding from you.
  • Limited options are available for website extension.

The Bottom Line

WordPress is the right choice for starting a clean and professional blog. This blogging platform will give you best combination of tools.


Blogger is a free blog-hosting website owned by Google. is also known as BlogSpot. It is another most popular from free blogging platforms among casual bloggers. This famous blog site can be used for writing and share the content for fun. Main features of Blogger includes instant setup and easy to use the ability of the system.

best blogging platforms 2018


  • The stability of is high as it is supported by Google.
  • Management and usage of this blogging platform do not require any technical skill.
  • Support from robust google secure platform is adding the advantage of reliability as well.
  • It is free and simple to understand platform for new beginners.


  • com offer limited basic blogging tools and design options
  • Google is legally entitled to suspend your blog.

The Bottom Line is also another free blogging platform for casual bloggers. If you are searching a platform to share your thought without paying for hosting flexibility, then is a best possible recommendation to you.

3. is well known for providing informal micro-blogging. It is a form of blogging which is longer than a Tweet, but it is not as long as professional article or post. Tumblr optimizes the publishing of short form content. It is a community of users who promote and comment on work.

free micro blogging website


  • Tumblr is free and user-friendly.
  • It publishes the content by integrating the component of social media.
  • Tumble offers a wide range of beautiful themes.
  • Tumblr is also mobile friendly blogging platform.


  • Good caching and anti-virus plugins are limited.
  • The design of Tumblr is highly visual, and it is not optimized for text or writing.
  • Tumblr is different from traditional blogging and devalue the original content

The Bottom Line

Tumblr is a free blogging site for casual bloggers, and it provides the opportunity to share visual content.

4.  Medium

Medium is another blog publishing platform where you can share your blog posts, stories and articles. It is a socially oriented place which emphasis on writing. Medium is growing in popularity as a community of writer and bloggers which are using the same platform to share their opinions and stories on different topics. Medium is most easy to use in free blogging platforms which have limited social networking features.

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  • The medium does not require any coding skill or setup.
  • It allows the user to reach the online community of people who share similar interests.
  • By using Medium, the users will focus on writing only.


  • Design customization is not available. Everyone has the same profile.
  • It controls the publication by offering limited publication
  • Features are very limited.

The Bottom Line

Medium is great for the blogging bloggers who want to publish individual stories. It makes the use of a custom algorithm to spread the content.

5.  Squarespace

Squarespace is the online website building and website hosting service. It is used to launch blogs, different business sites, and e-commerce stores. Squarespace allows the user to create beautiful websites for small businesses.

best free blog sites 2018


  • Provide user-friendly interface and customization capability.
  • Design and development skills are not required.
  • Design the website by providing drag and drop option.
  • Hosting and custom domain is included with beautiful professional design templates.
  • Squarespace is useful for non-tech savvy beginners.


  • The subscription fee is required on a monthly basis.
  • Limited features are available in Squarespace.
  • Integrate few tools and services.

The bottom line

Squarespace is one of the best online blogging platforms which facilitates the business owners by providing great looking website optimization capability and blogging alongside.

6.  WIX

Wix is also a user-friendly online website builder and website hosting service provider. It provides services similar to Squarespace, but there are differences as well. WIX offers website building and blog building ability, but the execution process is a little bit different.

best blogging platform to make money


  • WIX offers more than 500 designs.
  • It is free and provide drag and drop content building feature.
  • Wix is supported by online knowledge base capability.


  • Wix blog customization is limited.
  • It is not a dedicated blogging platform.

The Bottom line

It can be said that wix is an alternative and a free blog platform for the Squarespace users. This is suitable for users who want free online blogging platform with website building services.

7.  Ghost

Ghost is something which is slightly different. It is free after downloading and installation on your system. It is written in JavaScript and useful for online publications. Ghost is a simple version of WordPress, and it is useful for bloggers who want new and fresh technical blogging solutions. Ghost is also facilitating bloggers with website development services.

ghost blogging platform 2018


  • A downloadable version of Ghost is free for online blogging.
  • It is an open source with several features like plugins, search Engine optimization, and social sharing.
  • Ghost has a clear writing and publishing interface.


  • Customization facility is not available in Ghost like WordPress.
  • Plugin or extensibility is also not available to bloggers on this blogging platform.

The Bottom Line

Ghost is suitable for bloggers who want to experience new platforms. It is an easily downloadable blogging software which is also used as a hosted blogging platform.

8.  Weebly

Weebly is popular free blog site which is not only known for creating a blog, but it is also a website creation system. Weebly enables the business to build new pages through a drag and drop capability. It is a hosted platform with website development features. Through Weebly by using web-based interface, you can customize the themes for your website.

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  • Weebly offers a website hosting facility with the easy and quick setup.
  • Weebly offers a free plan to try their services.
  • For website development, Weebly provides drag and drop facility.


  • Built-in features of Weebly are limited, and the users are not allowed to add new features to
  • Integration with the third party is limited to this blogging platform.
  • Export of website on Weebly is difficult, and it is not free.

The bottom line

Weebly is providing blog and build services to the bloggers. Weebly offers free and paid blogging platform in which you can also acquire website development services as well.


It is a hosted version of In other words, we can say that is a built with WordPress software and it is used for building a hosted blogging platform. In order to make the use of this blogging platform you just need to sign up for the account. is suitable for hobby bloggers as well as for professional bloggers.

list of blogging sites 2018


  • It takes less time to start, and it is free.
  • Hosting and subdomain are included in it.
  • In the case of setup cost is not required.
  • This blogging platform is easy to use and manage.


  • Theme customization is not possible in case of
  • No plugins are required to make the use of

The Bottom Line offers basic blog hosting services at one platform to the beginners as well as professional the case of using user can purchase the additional options as to optimize the blogging service well.

10.  TypePad

Typepad is another in the list of free blogging sites which is not simple like WordPress, or it is also not very complex like Typepad shares the moveable technology, and it is a good blogging platform for you with many additional features.

list of free blog sites 2018


  • Provide a lot of customization opportunity
  • It offers a more extensive range of themes and blog plugins.
  • It provides easy to use interface for beginners and experienced bloggers.


  • Typepad has its own server for hosting.
  • It makes editing code difficult for the users.

The Bottom Line

Typepad is another free blogging platform of 2018 available on the internet. By paying the little amount, you would be able to gain easy to use editor for blogging.


Now, you know everything about 10 different free blogging platforms. All blogging websites are slightly different from one another. The Pros and Cons discussed in this article are enough that will make you able to take a decision and choose the best free blogging platform in 2018. So, what is your reason for not getting started? Select the best blogging platform to make money, start blogging and start making bucks from it!